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From Nightmare To Freedom
Healing After The Holocaust

By Lillian Judd - Holocaust Survivor
& Dennis L. Judd - Second Generation

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Upcoming Book Signing Events with Lillian Judd & Dennis Judd:

May 13th & 14th 2012   United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
Washington, DC
From Nightmare To Freedom - Healing After The Holocaust; is a living example of how individual feelings of anger, hatred and intolerance play into behaviors that can lead up to genocides and how powerful the act of forgiveness is in releasing these negative feelings. It is unique because as an autobiography, it is actually documented with Nazi photographs of Lillian’s arrival at Auschwitz and copies of Nazi documentation of prisoner A-10946. Furthermore, it incorporates the visions of a second generation of Holocaust survivors, and has the discussion section that helps make this book a really valuable teaching tool.
From Nightmare To Freedom: Healing After The Holocaust
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224 pages
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